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[Delicious] Momos Recipe with Gravy | Devil Momos



Hey Folks!
This article is going to be about Momos recipe, a delicious snack which originated from Tibet region but spreading lighting fast all over India due to its unique spicy taste and healthy ingredients.

These dumplings made from flour also known are Dim Sum are stuffed with mixed vegetables and can be served steamed as well as fried.

We will also add a little flavor of our own by preparing gravy!
Let’s get started with the Momos Recipe.

Preparation Time:  1 hour
Cooking Time: 20 minutes
Serves: 2 servings (12-14 momos approx.)

1 cup flourGinger Garlic paste 2.5 tablespoon7-8 Soaked Red Chillies
SaltGreen Chilli paste 1 tablespoon1/4th cup Onions
OilSoya Sauce 1 tablespoon1/4th cup Capsicum
1/2 cup waterRed chilli sauce 1 tablespoon1 teapoon Green Spring Onions
1/2kg minced chicken orMomos steamer½ tablespoon sugar
1/2kg mixed vegetables2 Chopped Tomtoes

Momos Recipe process

Step 1 : Take an empty bowl and add 1 cup flour in it, add a little salt as per your taste.

Step 2 : Add 1 tablespoon oil, give it a good mix and add 1/4th Cup water. Make sure you add water gradually.

Step 3 : Make a medium soft dough and now cover it with a cloth. Rest it for 10-15 minutes.

Step 4 :  Take ½ kg minced chicken (Veg people can take ½ kg mixed vegetables).
Add Ginger- Garlic paste 1.5 tablespoon.
Add Green chilli paste 1 tablespoon.
Add Soya Sauce 1 tablespoon.
Add Red chilli sauce 1 tablespoon.
Add salt as per your taste

Step 5 :  Now mix this carefully with a tablespoon. Our stuffing is ready!

Step 6 : After resting for 10-15 minutes, take the dough and start taking out small portions from it.
Roll it into a thin sheet.

Step 7 : Put the stuffing in the middle of this thin sheet, don’t forget to apply water on the edges.
Now make pleats on half side and then join the pleated side with plain side.

Step 8 : Similarly make momos of the remaining dough.

Step 9 : Take a steamer plate and grease it with oil. Put the momos in the steamer and steam them for approximately 12 minutes. Momos are ready!

Let’s prepare the Gravy!

Step 1 : Chop tomato slices and put them into mixer container
Add 7-8 soaked red chillies, you can add water as well to make it more spicy.
Add 1 tablespoon Ginger-Garlic paste and blend it.

Step 2 : Take a small pan and add 4 tablespoon oil and make sure to keep it on high flame.
Add 1/4th cup of Onions.
Add 1/4th cup of Capsicum and mix them properly.

Step 3 : Now pan fry the steamed momos for 1 minute.
This will avoid the momos getting soggy in the gravy.
Take them out after 1 minute.
Similarly pan fry all momos.

Step 4 : Add 1 tablespoon Garlic and mix them with Onion and Capsicum.
Mix it properly.

Step 5 : Now add the already prepared paste Tomato-Chilli paste and cook it for 1 minute.
Sprinkle 1 tablespoon Green Spring Onions.
Add 1 tablespoon Soy Sauce.
Add 1 tablespoon Vinegar and salt as per your taste.

Step 6 : Mix the batter properly and add 1/4th cup Water into it.
Keep stirring it and cook it for 2 minutes.
Add ½ tablespoon sugar.

Step 7 : Add the momos into the gravy and keep stirring it.
Your devil momos are ready!

Step 8 : Serve them in a small container along with gravy, you can also sprinkle some spring onions forgarnishing the serving.

Enjoy your Meal!

You can refer our Youtube channel for a detailed video about the process.

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