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[BREAKING] Splitsvilla Review S-14 Ep-1



Season 14 – Ep 1 – written update

Splitsvilla has finally returned after the pandemic.
It is the show of love, the most beautiful thing in the world but finding it is the toughest part.
Many a times you think we have found true love, but are you ever sure? Is it your true connection or is there someone better?
This is Splitsvilla 14 – ‘The Ultimate Quest for Love’

The Changes :
Arjun Bijlani has replaced Rannvijay Singla in this season. The excitement is at it’s peak for this season since there are lot of things which are going to happen for the first time. For the first time in Splitsvilla girls and boys will stay in two different islands. The contestants will search ‘Apna Pyaar Samundar Paar’.

The Contestants list of Splitstvilla 14 :
Boys :
Rishabh Jaiswal – Varanasi

Hamid Barkzi – New Delhi

Joshua Chhabra – Mumbai

Dhruvin Busa – Mumbai

Dhruvin Busa

Amir Hossein – Pune

Kashish Thakur – Sonipat

Kashish Thakur

Sohail D – Mumbai

Aagaz Akhtar – Mumbai

Aagaz Akhtar

Girls :
Kashish Ratnani – Mumbai

Sakshi Shrivas – Jhansi

Shrea Prasad – Fiji

Soundous Moufakir – Morocco

Aradhana Verma – Delhi

Aradhana Verma

Pema Leilani – Shillong

Boys and Girls are in a boat and moving towards an island. Contestants finally reach the Isle of Mars and Isle of Venus for Boys and Girls respectively.
Boys have to divide themselves into team of 5, they will have to win the challenge to get a chance to meet the girls.

Spartans :

Team Spartans

5 Lovers :

Team 5 lovers

Boys will have to woo Sunny in different tasks such as impressing through dance, impressing through pick up lines, impressing through your physique etc. Sunny will rose to winner of each round; whichever team gets the most roses will have a chance to meet the girls.

Two Teams

Spartans win the challenge but there is a twist that one person will not go to meet the girls.
5 Lovers choose Aagaz to not go to the Isle of Venus to meet the girls.

What happens when boys meet the girls?
Which boy will choose which girl?
Stay tuned to this blog we will be back with the update of next episode soon.

To watch the full episode you can click here.

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