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[BREAKING] Splitsvilla Review S-14 Ep-2



Season 14 – Ep 2 – written update

All the 10 girls of splitsvilla get ready for the first Island Fling. Winning Boys reach the Isle of Venus to meet girls.

Wooing Girls :

Dhruvin starts to bit-box for the girls and Justin tries to woo girls with his dance moves. Joshua and Sohail D try to impress girls in their own way.

The Match-Ups of Splitsvilla :

Joshua goes to Kashish first and they connect instantly.


Justin approaches Sakshi S. They both love their vibe and start to groove a bit.

Sakshi and Justin

Sohail goes to Soumya and confesses about being shy, she loves his honesty and the innocence in his eyes. They both looked interested to connect.

Soumya and Sohail

Akashlina comes to know that Joshua is half Bengali and she being from Kolkata was interested to know more about him.

Joshua and Akashlina

All boys try to understand and search for their connection with other girls as well.

Dhruvin was seen sitting in the middle surrounded by a lot of girls but later on, they get bored with his talks. They felt as if he was a mix tape getting jammed and going on talking and wanted to shut him up.

Dhruvin with girls

Joshua tries hard to connect with each girl but it comes out to be wrong because he tries to get a kiss on the cheek and dances too closely with the girls he tried to connect with them.

Boys Roses :

Every boy has two roses which he will give to a girl whom he wants to go on a date with.

Dhruvin gives one rose to Pema and the other to Soundous. Sohail gives one to Soumya and Aradhana.

Kashish gets the first rose from Joshua and Akashlina gets the second. Justin gives his first rose to Sakshi S and the other to Aradhana.

The First Date of Splitsvilla :

On the first date, Joshua gives more preference to Kashish and talks about her possessive qualities which do not go well with Akashlina and she leaves the date.

On Sohail’s date he finds Aradhna is missing because she went with Justin, Sohail did not like the fact that he was not her first priority.

Justin clearly mentions to Aradhna that Sakshi will be his priority, so Aradhna even leaves Justin’s date.

Aradhna leaves Justin’s date and goes to Sohail but there Sohail gives more priority to Soumya and Aradhna leaves that date too.

Dhruvin creates a weird situation ih his date by asking girls some awkward questions and it does not go well with both the ladies Pema and Soundous, both wait for the date to end.

Girls return to the Villa :

Finally, the girls return to the Villa and everyone is talking against Joshua for being too touchy but Kashish kept supporting Joshua. There is a little fight of words between Akashlina and Kashish.

The Task :

Before the task begins girls tried to jump on Joshua and doubt his character for being too touchy. Dhruvin jumps in between and cuts Joshua which irritates him. Boys will perform a couple task with a girl they choose. 

There were four stalls where couples will collect sandbags and whoever does it in less time will win the task, twist is they will be tied with each other. Dhruvin performs the worst in that challenge.

Sohail and Justin win the task and they both are safe from Dumping. All girls are happy that Joshua did not win.

What will happen in dumping?

Will Joshua and Kashish meet again?

Stay tuned to this blog we will be back with the update of the next episode soon.

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