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[BREAKING] Splitsvilla Review S-14 Ep-4



Season 14 – Ep 4 – written update

We are back with another splitsvilla episode review. Contestants were divided into 2 teams in the last episode.

Girls Task :
Girls reach the task location besides the pool. Sakshi D refuses to take part in the task. All the girls get involved in a verbal battle between Urfi and Sakshi D. Sakshi D eventually decides to play for the team.

Urfi and Sakshi D

Girls have to score goal against each other in pool soccer. No one is wanting to let of the ball, it looked as if they were playing kabaddi.

First Goal :
Sakshi S scores the first goal and Sondouz  team gets to decide one girl who cannot go to Isle of Mars to meet boys. They decide Aaradhna not to go.

Second Goal :
This time Aaradhna scores and Urfi’s team get to choose a girl. Team wanted Akashlina but Urfi chooses Pema against the team to not go to meet boys. The excitement factor of splitsvilla is maintained as always after this goal.

Third Goal :
Soumya and Shreya grab each other but somehow Soumya throws the ball away from her goal and Aaradhna reaches the ball first. She passes it to Soumya and Soumya scores. Urfi this time goes with the team and crosses Akashlina’s name.

Pool soccer

Fourth Goal :
Soumya scores one more time. Urfi again goes against the team and instead of Shreya she chooses Sakshi S to eliminate.
Urfi wants to switch Sakshi D with Aaradhna but she refuses and there’s a verbal battle between Urfi and Sakshi D again.

Final Round :
Soundouz enters the pool for the first time replacing Sakshi S. Soundouz reaches very close to the goal, passes the ball to Shreya and Shreya scores. Their team chooses Sakshi D to not go to island fling.

Queen performs

The Date :
Splitsvilla is famous for their exotic locations. Boys reach the island fling and are in awe of the beautifully decorated location meanwhile girls also reach the location and all boys are surprised to see Urfi Javed in the villa.
Shreya liked Rishabh in first look and same way Hamid liked Sounduz.

Splitsvilla date

Boys surround Urfi and try to understand her. Every boy eventually decided a girl whom they wanted to talk to. Kashish and Urfi get to spend time alone. Joshua and Kashish spend their time separately.
Music plays and everyone starts to dance.

Getting the roses :

Getting the roses

Every girl will get 2 roses to give to the boys whom they want to take their connection forward. Kashish and Rishabh get 2 roses and few other boys get 1 rose each, advantage of roses will be revealed in the next episode.

To watch the full episode you can click here.

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