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[BREAKING] Splitsvilla Review S-12 Ep-22



Season 12 – Ep 22 – written update

We are back with our beloved Splitsvilla review!

In this episode of Splitsvilla, all the Ex-Splitsvillians return to the villa. Bhavin apologized to Bhavya and wants to sort the differences between them but she refused to it.

Splitsvilla Bhavin Bhavya

The next morning, Aaradhna gets a big surprise as Alfez makes a comeback to the villa.

The best thing about splitsvilla are such surprises that keep the audience hooked!

Splitsvilla Alfez

The first challenge for the day is between Piyush-Arshiya and Aradhna-Alfez. The challenge is named “Pyaar ka Boj”.

In this task, the guys are required to pick the girls on their shoulders and the girls have to throw some cloth packets in a basket from over the shoulders.

Splitsvilla Piyush Arshiya

Piyush finds it difficult to perform due to discomfort in his shoulder but he somehow manages to complete the task.
Here we see that Splitsvilla tests you to all limits.

Alfez and Aradhana win the challenge and moved to the semi finale as they collect 6 packets while Piyush and Arshiya collect 2 packets.

The Semi-Finale task :

The semifinalists were

  • Ashish-Miesha
  • Shrey-Priyamvada
  • Uday-Bhavya
  • Alfez-Aradhna

The Semi-finale task is named “Love Tornado” and it is divided into two parts. The first part tests the balancing skill of the girls. The girl will sit on the tornado and the opponent boy will run with the rope tied to the tornado to spin it. Then the girl has to go on a wooden plank while being dizzy from spinning and keep the packets near the swing.

Semi Finale Task

The second part of the task tests the strength of the boys. The boys shall hold the basket, the opponent girls will swing and put the packets in the basket.

Chosen one’s power :

The chosen ones of Splitsvilla i.e. Bhavya and Uday get the power to choose the rivals and decide which couples will compete first. They choose to compete with Priyamvada and Shrey.

Ashish-Miesha v/s Alfez-Aradhna

Loka volunteers Ashish and Miesha while Sambhav volunteers Alfez and Aradhna. Miesha felt very dizzy and found it difficult to balance. Aradhna performed easily. Miesha collected fewer packets as compared to Aradhana.

In the next part of the task, Miesha puts all the packets in the basket and made it difficult for Alfez to hold the basket. Ashish was firm enough with the grip.

Finally, Ashish and Miesha win the task and became the first finalists.

Shrey-Priyamvada v/s Uday-Bhavya

Sambhav volunteers Shrey and Privamvada and Loka volunteers Uday and Bhavya. In the first part of the task, Bhavya loses the grip on the tornado and falls. Both the couples performed equally well.

In the next part of the task, Priyamvada puts the packets in the basket well but Bhavya misses the shots.

Finally, Uday gives up and Privayamvada and Shrey win and become the finalists.

In the end, Sunny and Rannvijay congratulate the finalists.

To watch the full episode you can click here.

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